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Russia called the Sudanese groups to “national dialogue”.

Eviralnews, Foreign Minister Hossein Awad visited Moscow and met with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov and discussed with him the development of bilateral relations, especially the internal developments in Sudan.

In this meeting, “Bogdanov” said: “It is necessary that the military conflict between the army and the rapid reaction forces should be stopped immediately and the Sudanese should hold their “national dialogue” to end this crisis.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, during this meeting, the two sides discussed the internal developments in Sudan and emphasized the need to find a comprehensive way to end the political and military crisis of this country.

According to the “Sudan Today” newspaper, it is stated in this statement: Moscow's strategic policy towards Sudan is to support the establishment of a ceasefire in this country and the establishment of Sudanese-Sudanese dialogues in such a way as to preserve the unity, territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Sudan.

The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia states: During the meeting between Mikhail Guldanov and Hossein Awad, the two sides discussed ways to strengthen bilateral relations in various fields.

The relations between Sudan and Russia have been strengthened in the last few months and the visits of high-ranking officials of the two countries to each other's capitals have increased, and a military-economic agreement has been signed between Moscow and Khartoum.

According to this agreement, Russia will provide weapons and modern military equipment to the Sudanese army, and Khartoum will positively look at the study to respond to Russia's request to establish a military base in the port of Port Sudan (Red Sea coast).

For years, Russia has wanted to establish a naval support center for its warships in Port Sudan port, but political instability and the battle between the army and the rapid reaction forces have not allowed this base to be built.

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