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Russia will respond symmetrically to the deployment of American missiles

According to Tasnim International Group, citing TASS news agency, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in response to journalists' questions at the end of the meeting of the leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states in Astana (Kazakhstan), announced that if Russia deploys medium-range and short-range missiles America will be ready to respond symmetrically in any part of the world. He reminded that he raised this issue before and since then Russia's position in this field has not changed.

“We have announced that until these missile systems are deployed anywhere in the world, we will also refrain from deploying similar systems,” Putin said. And if medium-range and short-range missiles produced by the United States are deployed somewhere, we reserve the right to respond in the same way. “Everything remains as we have said before.”

The Russian president also stated that Moscow has been forced to respond to Washington's repeated violations of agreements that form the basis of international stability, and as a result has been forced to develop new military weapons. For this purpose, systems to overcome missile defense were invented. Regarding global security, Putin noted that for negotiations, one should wait for the results of the presidential elections in the United States and then see what the positions of the new government will be. He added: “Let's wait for the formation of the new government in America and see what its plans and preferences are.”

Putin: Russia has a serious attitude to Trump's statements about Ukraine

Vladimir Putin emphasized that Russia is seriously paying attention to the statements of Donald Trump, the former president of the United States and presidential candidate, regarding having a plan to stop the war in Ukraine.

In response to a journalist's question, he said: “The fact that Mr. Trump, as a candidate for the post of president, declares that he is ready and willing to stop the war in Ukraine, this issue is of serious concern to us and we will deal with it seriously.” we do”.

The President of Russia also mentioned that he is not familiar with Trump's specific proposals on how to achieve this and considered its details important. He added: “But I have no doubt that he is saying this honestly and we support this approach.”

Putin also said that he watched parts of the televised debate between Trump and current US President Joe Biden that took place on June 27, but was unable to follow it in full due to his busy schedule. He emphasized that the United States is still a “great power” with extensive facilities in the economy, military and security fields, and is influencing the process of the war in Ukraine, so the events in this country cannot be ignored. He added that he also follows the media evaluations of the debates, but emphasized that the US presidential election is an internal issue for this country.

Ukraine abandoned the peace talks due to pressure from Washington and London

Vladimir Putin also mentioned that Kiev officials gave up peace talks with Moscow due to receiving direct orders from London and Washington. At the same time, he emphasized that Russia has never given up on negotiations and is still ready for peace talks on the Ukraine crisis.

Putin said: “Russia, as you all know, has never given up on negotiations and is now ready to continue peace talks.” In 2022, Ukraine publicly abandoned the negotiations on direct orders from London and Washington, and no one has any doubts about this issue, and the Ukrainian authorities themselves have publicly acknowledged it.

He emphasized that the Istanbul agreements are still “on the table” and can be the basis of future negotiations.

Russia's plan for Ukraine allows for an immediate cessation of hostilities

In his press conference at the end of his visit to Astana, the Russian President expressed his confidence that his proposed initiative to resolve the crisis in Ukraine will allow the immediate cessation of conflicts and the start of the peace negotiations process.

In response to one of the journalists, Vladimir Putin said: “I remind you, in mid-June we presented another option for the resolution of the conflict, which could immediately end the conflict if the Ukrainian side and, more importantly, its Western supporters are ready to accept it. stop it, save many lives and start peace talks”.

At the same time, he thanked the member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization for their initiatives regarding the resolution of the Ukraine crisis and noted that Russia is ready to consider related proposals.

The Russian leader once again pointed out that Moscow has always sought a political-diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine and added: “The crisis in Ukraine is the result of the careless policy of the United States and its allies in NATO.”

Putin considered it useless to refer to the Ukrainian parliament in the conditions of taking power

In another part of this press conference, the President of Russia emphasized that in the situation where some people have taken over the power in Ukraine, it is useless to refer directly to the Supreme Parliament of this country. Vladimir Putin said: “Appeal to the Verkhovna Rada is of course possible, but in the situation of seizure of power by the rulers of Ukraine, it is useless, because the majority of parliamentarians are under the command of the so-called rulers.”

He reminded that according to the decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine in 2015, the presidential term in this country is five years and there is no reason to extend it in the Constitution of Ukraine. He explained: “After this period, the powers should be transferred to the parliament. But the Verkhovna Rada does not assume these powers. Therefore, considering the real situation and what is happening in the political life of this country, this reference will be useless.

According to him, Volodymyr Zelensky remained in power illegally and “did not even turn to the Constitutional Court to confirm his powers after the end of his presidential term.”

Putin: Erdogan's political will helps Russia-Türkiye relations

At the end of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Astana, the Russian President announced to reporters that the political will of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will help to develop relations between Russia and Turkey. Putin said: “It is well known who is hindering the development of relations between the two countries. But what helps this process is the political will of President Erdoğan.”

He reminded: “In addition to personal desire, technical and qualitative calculations are also effective in the relations between Turkey and Russia and help to maintain friendly relations between the two countries.” According to Turkish partners, the volume of trade between Moscow and Ankara has decreased from $63 billion to $55 billion, but this is related to price characteristics and has nothing to do with external restrictions. This is just the dynamics of our domestic production and bilateral relations. All problems can be solved.”

The positions of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization against the militarization of space is a message to the world

According to the President of Russia, all the member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are against the militarization of space, and this should be a message to the whole world.

Vladimir Putin told foreign media representatives in Astana: “We have agreed in the final statement and other documents that all member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization oppose the deployment of any military weapons in space.” This is a message to the rest of the world about our positions on the militarization of outer space.”

He also emphasized that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a growing organization that is in great demand and has become one of the independent centers of the new multipolar world, and this is precisely what has attracted new members to this organization and international actors want to to communicate with this important regional organization.

The president also stated that the volume of trade exchanges between the member countries of the organization reaches trillions of rubles, the growth of the total gross domestic product of these countries was 5.3% and industrial production increased by 4.5%, which indicates good rates of economic development. The member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have also cooperated a lot in humanitarian fields and their interactions have a clear perspective.

Putin: Afghanistan's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization depends on all members

During his conversation with media representatives, the Russian President also announced that Afghanistan's full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is not a decision made by Moscow alone, but that this decision should be made by all members of this organization.

“I have to say about the full membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, this decision is not made by Russia alone,” Putin said. This issue is always decided based on consensus. In this regard, there are questions for various member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. This includes the issue of recognizing the power of the Taliban in Afghanistan.”

Emphasizing that relations with the political structures in Afghanistan that are in power should be maintained, he noted that Moscow maintains its contact with the Taliban and receives signals of readiness to cooperate in the fight against terrorism.

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