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Seyed Hassan Nasrallah: We support Palestine with high will

Eviralnews, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah, said in a speech on Sunday evening: We are in the heart of big and important events in the region and Gaza, the consequences of which include the entire region.

He pointed out that this year's revival (the beginning of Muharram al-Haram) leaves psychological and spiritual effects. Today we commemorate the anniversary of Karbala (Ashura). We are in the heart of events in Karbala.

The Secretary General of Hezbollah added that we are in the atmosphere of this battle, which will affect large gatherings in southern Lebanon.

He said that we entered the heart of this battle with a great spirit and with concepts, feelings, and determination, which we witnessed in the revival of last year's ceremony, as if we were preparing for this level of stance.

Secretary General of Hezbollah said that we entered the Battle of al-Aqsa with high spirit and determination in order to support Gaza and the Palestinian nation.

Nasrallah said that what we hear from our supporters confirms that we are in the right place and are ready for this battle.

He added that the horrific crimes in the Gaza Strip, which are unprecedented, have awakened humanity in the West.

The Secretary General of Hezbollah stated that anyone who ignores the crimes in Gaza has a dead heart.

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