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Shabak entrusted the protection of Netanyahu to a non-Israeli system

According to the Hebrew group of the Tasnim news agency, the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz reported in a report that was published today, that Israel's internal intelligence and security service Shabak, which is also responsible for the protection of the prime minister, preferred a Finnish drone defense system. Instead of buying Israeli systems and activating them to protect the Prime Minister.

This media quoted the Helsinki Sanomat newspaper as saying: Shabak has chosen to purchase the Sensofusion Airfence system from the Finnish Ministry of Defense to protect the prime minister's office.

According to Haaretz, this system is able to determine the presence of an attacking drone at the right time and is able to intercept it or even control it using electronic tools.

This system has an updated database for all commercial drones available and covers a radius of 10 kilometers, while it is possible to use radar data and other visual sensor systems to determine the location of the drone.

It should be noted that this news is announced while the Hebrew-language media have been talking about the inefficiency of the air defense systems of this regime's army in dealing with the drones of the resistance, especially Hezbollah.

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