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Sonak's resignation from the Prime Minister of England and the head of the party

Eviralnews, British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak apologized to the people of his country after the disastrous defeat in the parliamentary elections and said that he heard the voices of voters' “desperation and anger” and their desire for change.

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street after a disastrous election night for the Conservative Party, Sunak confirmed his plans to step down as prime minister and leader of the party. He said: “First of all, I would like to say to my country: I am sorry.”

The British Prime Minister added: “I gave my best to my job, but you have sent a clear message that the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain needs to change, and your judgment is the only judgment that matters. “I heard your anger, your despair, and I take responsibility for this loss.”

Rishi Sunak said that he plans to step down as chairman of the Conservative Party as soon as arrangements are made to elect his successor in the party. Predictions indicate that this party will capture 121 seats, which will be its worst electoral result in history.

The British Prime Minister also congratulated Keir Starmer on the decisive victory of the Labor Party. “His success in this job will be the success of all of us, and I wish him and his family the best of luck,” he said. Despite all our differences in this election campaign, he is an honest and humanitarian person whom I respect.”

Sunak also defended his performance and said that he succeeded in bringing the central bank's inflation to the target rate of 2 percent. He has also claimed that he has improved the international position of England in the world. Support for Ukraine was among other legacies that Sunak defended.

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