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Southgate: Now the best team should win the cup

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According to Eviralnews, tonight in the framework of the semi-final stage of Euro 2024, the Netherlands and England met each other. The game started with the advantage of the Netherlands and this team scored the first goal in the 7th minute by Xavi Simmons. But England tied the game in the 18th minute with Harry Kane's penalty. In the rest of the game, both teams had scoring opportunities, but neither could use their opportunities. The game was tied at 1-1 until the 91st minute, when England took the lead in a lightning counter attack. Watkins, who came on in the 81st minute to replace Harry Kane, England's captain and top scorer, made an undeniable impact on the game in his 13 minutes and appeared as the savior of his team in this critical match. In the 91st minute, he opened the net for the Netherlands with a spectacular solo move and an accurate shot and scored England's second goal.

Referring to the good performance of his players, Southgate said: “We played really well. It was a complex game and we had to constantly adapt, especially defensively. We had to be flexible throughout the game and the players made great decisions. Getting to the final is a reward for the efforts of these players and for The whole team feels happy.”

Southgate explained his substitutions, in particular the replacement of Harry Kane with leading goalscorer Ollie Watkins: “The most important thing is that the whole team is ready to go on the pitch. Energy-wise we felt we were losing a bit of pressure and Harry was also injured. Ollie can press well and penetrate deep quickly. We felt the time It's good to try him. I'm very happy for the first shine at this moment.”

Referring to the upcoming match against Spain, Southgate said: “To be able to take England to their first final away from home is incredibly proud. Now we want to win against Spain, who have been the best team in the tournament. It will be a tough task.”


Southgate further mentioned his team's performance during the game and said: “I don't think we deserved to go behind tonight. I thought we were great with the ball throughout the game – (Holland's goal) was a fluke. I'm very happy with the quality of my team's performance. I'm not sure England have ever had 60% possession against Holland. have a ball.”

The England coach said about the game against Spain, which is based on keeping the ball. “We have to take the ball away from them first! They have very good pressing, so we have to be great with the ball and we have to be exceptional without the ball. But this is the final and that's what you expect.”

Referring to the experience of the Euro 2020 final, Southgate said: “When I took the job, I had two years of experience as a manager in the Premier League; now I have over 100 caps and I've learned a lot. You learn from every experience you go through. The last final was our first Euro final. “We didn't do everything right, but this time we will try to be better.”

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