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Southgate: This amount of attack on England is not normal!

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According to “Eviralnews“, the heavy wave of criticism of the English national team and Gareth Southgate seems reasonable, although he does not accept this. ,

England, who stepped into Euro 2024 as one of the main contenders, but in the group stage did not appear as a contender in any way, in the eighth round, there was nothing left to be eliminated by Slovakia, and in the quarter round by playing a boring game. Thanks to the penalty kicks, he managed to beat Switzerland and make his way to the semi-finals. ,

Gareth Southgate said in the press conference of the game with Holland today that the criticisms affected him personally, but he claimed that he uses these criticisms as an engine to find more motivation. ,

However, in another part of the press conference, he expressed his displeasure with the criticism and said that he does not consider this amount of criticism to be normal.

Be aware that some of these criticisms are personal
You see, some criticism is personal. I said this so you know. When you have this job and are the head coach of the England national team, you should know that you will be ridiculed and your professional ability will be questioned. Sometimes I hear things that are really hard to believe, but this is also part of my job. ,

This volume of attacks is not normal
I think this amount of criticism is not normal. Can they throw bottles at you and say that this is normal? Fortunately, life has blessed me in such a way that I am resistant. I am a stubborn and determined person and these attacks make me more motivated

I am standing firm so that my players get morale
I know where I am taking the national team. The team must see me strong in critical moments, otherwise they will get the message that our coach is afraid himself, so what should we do. I don't think this is right and that's why I stand firm. ,

What is the difference between England and Euro 2021 England?
The difference between this course and the previous one is that we were not satisfied with ourselves even though we had reached a quarter. We are in the elimination stage in the previous game and this game, and the elimination football has special conditions. The differences are minor. A small incident can turn the page to one side and change the story completely. But the teams that have won for a long time have a special mentality and are not satisfied with just reaching the quarter or semi-finals. They want to get better and we are such a team. ,

We showed that we are a team with character
These kids showed how amazing they are regardless of their soccer skills on the field. You need many things to advance in a tournament. To persevere, to keep calm and solidarity and not to be afraid when you fall behind in a game or when the flow of the game is against you. We have won three out of four games in our recent games that went to penalties, and this shows what kind of team we are. A team that believes in itself. ,

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