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SpaceX's Polaris Dawn mission will not launch until at least July 30!

The first commercial space mission with Polaris Dawn appears to be on schedule adjournment It will fall and will not be launched earlier than July 31, 2024. The Dragon spacecraft on this mission is supposed to take a crew of four farther from Earth than any other mission in the next 50 years.

SpaceX private flights

Commercial spaceflight is more important than the mission of private companies supplementing government space contracts. Although today most private missions carry cargo and astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), in the future we will see more private visits to orbit that have nothing to do with governments.

Polaris dawn

On September 15, 2021, the first fully private mission in history, a privately owned and operated rocket that placed a spacecraft with astronauts in orbit in a prism, lifted off from Launch Complex 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This ship, the Dragon, belonged to SpaceX and was the launch vehicle for the Falcon 9 rocket Inspiration4 He threw it up to a height of 575 km.

Passengers stayed inside the capsule on that flight, but more ambitious goals are in store for the next mission, Polaris Dawn.

Objectives of Polaris dawn

The spacecraft will attempt to reach an initial orbital altitude of 1,400 km, higher than any manned space flight since the 17-month Apollo mission in 1972. It also surpasses the highest manned orbital mission held by Gemina 11 since 1966.

One of the dangers of flying is being high enough to enter the inner band of the radioactive Van Allen belts that surround the Earth. This is for the passengers, including the mission commander.Jared Isaacman“Mission Pilot”Scott Potitt“, mission specialist “Sarah Gillisand medical officerAnna MenonThey are, it is not good. But their initial orbit will be highly elliptical and less than 190 km high, so contact will be minimal.

Polaris dawn

The purpose of this radiological game is to perform 38 scientific experiments to investigate the effects of space flights and radiation on human health. When these tests are completed, the altitude will drop to 700 km for the remaining five days in orbit. After that, the first private spacewalk will take place.

The Dragon has been specially modified to reduce pressure and open the front hatch. At least two extravehicular activity (EVA) enhanced versions of the standard SpaceX suits are inside the spacecraft.

These suits have been altered to allow for greater mobility and feature new heat resistant fabrics and materials inspired by the Falcon's midsection and Dragon's torso. Additionally, there is a helmet camera and a new head-up display (HUD).

More details about the launch date have not been released yet.

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