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Streamer Elden Ring finished Shadow of the Erdtree to the dancepad

MissMikkaa is the streamer who completed the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for the Elden Ring game for the second time, but this time using a dance pad! While some players need help and guidance to defeat the first boss fight of the game with the controller.


MissMikkaa's adventure lasted seven days. With 325 deaths, 69 of which were due to falls. The last boss fight, Radahn, is considered the hardest part of his adventure. After dying for 7 hours and 52 times, he finally defeated this boss. This is not the first time MissMikkaa has played with the dance pad, she has had several challenges with the dance pad in Elden Ring, the most important of which is the Ultimate Challenge Run where she had to run two Elden Ring games at the same time. take away The hardest part of the challenge was that he had to beat every boss fight on the first encounter. But MissMikkaa had to spend three days for Malenia's boss fight and beat her after 199 attempts.

Players should know that Shadow of the Erdtree expansion pack is very hard and full of challenges. All players from all over the world are complaining about the excessive difficulty of this DLC. And this is what makes MissMikkaa's achievement great and unique and shows her high skill and ability.

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