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Sudan's political and civil organizations agree on the end of the war

Eviralnews, the Egyptian government held a meeting in Cairo on Saturday this week in order to bring about convergence in ending the long conflicts between the army and Sudan's rapid reaction forces, in which political and civil organizations participated along with Sudanese armed groups.

The political and civil organizations that attended the Cairo meeting supported the option of stopping the fighting between the army and the rapid reaction forces, but the armed groups that fight alongside the army against the rapid reaction forces refused to sign the final statement of the meeting. Because in it, only the condemnation of the violation of citizens' rights was limited, and the crimes of the rapid reaction forces against civilians were not explicitly condemned.

The participants in the Cairo meeting agreed to form a committee to follow up the discussions held in this meeting, and this committee is obliged to continue its efforts to find a permanent peace in Sudan.

According to the Sudan Tribune newspaper, in the final statement of the Cairo meeting, the need for an immediate cessation of hostilities, including mechanisms, tools, monitoring of a permanent ceasefire and an end to hostilities, has been discussed.

The participants in this meeting emphasized the need to adhere to the Jeddah agreement (ceasing the fighting between the army and the rapid reaction forces) and taking into account the implementation mechanisms and its development to keep pace with the new developments in the field (battle).

They asked the countries supporting the army and the rapid reaction forces to prevent the fire of war in Sudan from igniting further.

According to this statement, the participants in the Cairo meeting agreed that Sudan should be a unified land based on a civil, democratic and federal government, and that they should all take action to stop the war and killing in this country, and from any action that would affect the post-war process. to disrupt and prevent the formation of a new government, refrain from

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