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Terror in the Golan / Mayor of Haifa: Hezbollah is destroying us

Eviralnews, while the reflection of the second part of the release of the photos of the sensitive positions of the Israels, which was collected by the Hezbollah drone, continues in the Israel media and circles, Guy Faron, the reporter of the Israel regime's channel 12 in northern Palestine Akzali reported today, Wednesday, that a cloud of black smoke can be seen over the Golan Heights, which is caused by Hezbollah's rocket barrage.

Terror of the Israels in the occupied Golan after Hezbollah attacks

He added: “The Israelis who fled the Golan feel powerless and insecure, and this happened after Hezbollah targeted the headquarters of the 210th Golan Brigade of the Israeli Army in the Nafah base with dozens of Katyusha missiles.”

This Israel journalist and analyst stated: It seems that Hezbollah wants to increase the range of its fire, and this time it has placed Israeli military positions in the Golan in the crosshairs of its missiles. In the shadow of 9 months of continuous war, the question that arises now is what exactly is Israel's strategy? In a situation where Israel attacks and Hezbollah immediately responds, the settlers have been stuck in this state of erosion for a long time and do not see any change and constantly feel insecure.

On the other hand, Uri Kellner, head of the Regional Council in the Occupied Golan, said: We should go to the cabinet and the army and ask them how they allow the Golan to become Hezbollah's battlefield.

In a report to this effect, the Hebrew newspaper Ma'ariv announced that after the Golan residents were exposed to Hezbollah's heavy rockets, which recently killed two people, the settlers are extremely disappointed and cannot continue this situation.

“Yehuda Deva” asked other Israel officials in the regional council in the occupied Golan to change the security situation in the north and said: “The Israeli cabinet must decide whether Israel's security belt is in our northern front, or in southern Lebanon.”

Hezbollah can fire 4,000 rockets into Haifa every day

On the other hand, the Israel media reported that more than 70% of the areas in Isba al-Jalil were damaged as a result of Hezbollah attacks.

“Yona Yehav”, the mayor of occupied Haifa, said in this regard: “We are in the middle of a real danger, Hezbollah is destroying us, and Netanyahu's cabinet does nothing and does not care about the North.”

He added: If Hezbollah was able to fire about 200 non-accurate missiles towards Haifa in the July 2006 war, now it is able to launch 4,000 precision missiles towards us every day, and this puts us in a completely different situation.

This Israel official said about the possibility of Hizbollah attacking the petrochemical factories in Haifa: During the 2006 war, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and other ministers came to Haifa and examined this area, but in the current war, such an action by We do not see officials.

Hebrew media also reported that there are concerns among settlers about the consequences of Hizbullah's attacks on industries in Haifa, and based on estimates, 3.2 million settlers live in areas where their health would be severely threatened if dangerous facilities were targeted. .

According to this report, there are 1,500 sources of hazardous materials in the Haifa area, which, if targeted, would cause a major disaster, and the damage that could be done to Israeli lives and property is unimaginable.

Tal Perry, the director of the Alma Research Center of the Israel regime, who is a specialist in the affairs of the northern front of the occupied Palestine, said in this regard: In the first days of the wide-scale war with Hezbollah, this party will mainly focus on the Haifa area, and living there is not It becomes possible.

He added: “Haifa city will be red on the map in a massive war with Hezbollah.” This area is attractive to Hezbollah for three reasons: First, it is the third largest city with a population of 300,000 or maybe more. The second is that Israel's most important strategic facilities and infrastructure, including seaports, oil refineries, military camps, security factories, power plants, and facilities where large amounts of hazardous materials are stored, are located in Haifa. The third reason is that Haifa is not ready for war.

According to this report, however, Israel has no plans to evacuate the residents of Haifa, along with the thousands of people who have been displaced to the area since the Gaza war. More than half of Haifa's population does not have solid rooms, and many of them live inside buildings that have become quite old. The only solution is to create urban and underground shelters like shanties, but how can you really live like this?

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