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The American and Israeli delegations go to Cairo

According to the report of the Tasnim International News Agency, a delegation from the Israeli regime will soon leave for Qatar, and at the same time, another Haitian delegation will go to Egypt to discuss drawing important lines and resolving disputes.

At the same time, American media reported that a delegation headed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will go to Qatar this week to consult with other mediators about the developments in Gaza.

Confirming this news, Egypt's Al-Qatara news channel reported that Cairo will host delegations from Israel and the United States in the coming days to review the peace and ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. According to this network, most of the controversial issues will be discussed in these meetings.

In the last three days, the media of the Israeli regime reported on the possible trip of David Barneh, the head of the Israeli regime's security organization (Mossad), to Doha this week. During the past few days, Reuters and Yediot Aharonot claimed that Hamas's response to the ceasefire proposal in the Gaza Strip, which was proposed a few weeks ago, has seen significant progress. Hamas has not confirmed this claim.

Ha'aretz newspaper, citing a non-Israeli source, reported that despite these reports and optimism, the Israeli regime has raised new demands in this case, which will probably lead to stone-throwing in the path of ceasefire negotiations and exchange of prisoners.

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