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The anger of the fans: What did Mbappe do?

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According to “Eviralnews“, in the framework of the semi-final stage of the Euro 2024, the captain of the French national team, without his protective mask, helped Randal Kolo-Moani to lead France with a spectacular pass.

Spain, however, equalized the result with the goal of Lamine Yamal, a 16-year-old phenomenon, who has been the star of these games, and after him, Danny Olmo was able to score the winning goal and Spain reached the Euro finals with this result.

While the teams went to the locker room between the two halves, strange scenes were seen. In the BBC broadcast, Mbappe was seen shirtless and holding a red Spain shirt, appearing to have swapped his shirt with one of Spain's players at half-time.

This action of Mbappe caused many reactions and many fans criticized him. One wrote: “Mbappe changed his shirt between the two halves. “If this game was on ITV, Roy Keane would be very angry.”

The second said: “Why did Mbappe change his shirt with a Spanish player in between the two halves?”

A third added: “Did Mbappe really change his shirt at half-time when his team was trailing? If I see correctly, this is very wrong. I do not agree.”

It was not yet clear which Spanish player changed his shirt with Mbappe, but this action does not seem very acceptable for the 25-year-old player when his team was behind.

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