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The anger of the French coach; What is this question you are asking me?

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Didier Deschamps, the head coach of the French national team, got angry and reacted to the questions about leaving the team after his team was defeated by Spain in the semi-finals of Euro 2024.

Deschamps, who led France to the World Cup in 2018, is under contract until the end of the 2026 World Cup, but questions have been raised about his sacking after France's poor performance at Euro 2024. Reaching the semi-finals of the tournament in Germany was one of the clauses of Deschamps' contract with the French Football Federation, which means that he will remain as the head coach of this team.

According to ESPN, Deschamps said in the press conference after the game against Spain, when asked if he plans to lead France in the 2026 World Cup: “You are terrible! Ask this question to the president of the football federation, my team just lost in the semi-final and you think I thought about such a problem? I respect you, you should try to respect the people in charge a little more. I say this calmly. I'm here to answer your questions, but I'm not going to answer that question today. You know the situation very well and you also know what the boss thinks, so maybe you didn't need to ask me this question.”

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