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The arrest of 4 disrupters of the election process in England

Eviralnews, Ali Metinfar, head of Iran's embassy in London, announced the arrest of 4 people disrupting the presidential election process in polling stations in England in a video connection with the election headquarters abroad.

The head of our country's embassy in London pointed out that we had 10 polling stations in the second phase of the presidential election and said: According to the information of my colleagues, there has been a good relative increase in participation from the polling stations compared to the first round.

Metinfar added: According to the negotiations we had with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the British police, the disturbance of the opponents was less, but the police arrested 4 of these people.

The head of our country's embassy in London pointed out that until now several people who were assaulted and insulted are in contact with the embassy and announced that they are ready to file a complaint, adding: We as the embassy have announced that we support them. In Glasgow, the presence of opponents was not very evident.

At the end, Mateen Fer said: Participation in some branches has increased by more than 50% compared to last week.

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