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The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran will be reopened soon

Eviralnews, Mojtabi Demirchilu, assistant minister and director general of Eurasia of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced the imminent reopening of the embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran.

In a conversation with Mizan, Demirchi Lo said, emphasizing that we expect this to happen within the next 15 to 20 days: Iran's ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan has not been appointed yet. The process of appointing an ambassador is a long process, hence, the host government should be appointed first and then the ambassador.

The Director General of Eurasia of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that naturally any government that comes to work, whether in Iran or in the countries of the Caucasus region, is interested in the development of friendly relations, adding: We expect that the fourteenth government will also pay special attention to this region and the prospects We envision a light for the development of relations.

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