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The first visit of the President of Ethiopia to Sudan

Eviralnews, the African Union is going to hold a political meeting with the presence of Sudanese groups in the capital of Ethiopia from 10 to 15 months to discuss ways to end the internal war in Sudan.

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A number of Sudanese parties and organizations, including the “Coordination of Civil Democratic Forces” coalition led by Abdullah Hamdouk, the former prime minister of the transitional government of Khartoum, have boycotted the Addis Ababa meeting.

This coalition has announced in its statement that, based on the information we have, elements of the former regime of Sudan and parties playing a role in the civil war of this country are controlling the Addis Ababa meeting, and civil, peace-loving and democratic organizations are marginalized. The meeting will play a very weak role.

Ethiopian President Abi Ahmed visited Sudan and met General Abdul Fattah Burhan, the head of the ruling council and commander of the army of this country, and talked with him about the battle in Sudan and the ways to achieve peace and stability in this country.

According to the statement of the media office of the Sudanese Governing Council, during this meeting, General Burhan informed the President of Ethiopia about the internal situation in Sudan after the fire of the battle with the rapid reaction forces and said: the reaction forces have committed heinous crimes against the citizens and the infrastructure of the country and destroyed national institutions and organizations.

According to the Sudan Tribune newspaper, in this meeting, the President of Ethiopia stressed the importance of peace and stability for growth and development and stated that the problems of the governments should be solved within the countries and without the interference of outsiders.

He stated that the purpose of his trip to Sudan was to declare solidarity with the people of this country and stated: The war will end, but the relations between the two countries will remain stable.

As soon as the President of Ethiopia arrived at the port of Port Sudan (the seat of the Governing Council), he immediately met with General Burhan behind closed doors.

Abi Ahmed left the country for Addis Ababa after talking with the head of the Sudanese ruling council.

This is the first visit of the Ethiopian president to Sudan since April 26, 2023, when the battle between the army and the rapid reaction forces broke out.

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