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The good reception of Iranians in America for the presidential election

According to the reporter of Tasnim news agency's foreign policy group, Abolfazl Mehrabadi, head of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Interests Protection Office in Washington, said that the elections were well received by Iranians living in the United States despite the obstruction of some opponents.

Emphasizing that our loved ones tried to have 31 electoral districts in America, Mehrabadi said: “It has been very well received by Iranians.”

The head of Iran's interest protection office in Washington emphasized that unfortunately, the enemies of the country, Iran and democracy contacted most of the hotel centers with their desperate efforts.

Mehr Abadi continued: In an interesting case, several Voice of America reporters called the hotel and threatened that why did you allow a country that is under sanctions to hold elections. We got a lawyer and we are suing them.

The head of the Office for the Protection of Iran's Interests in Washington, pointing out that there is a lot of enthusiasm among the compatriots and the work is progressing well, said: Of course, there are a few demonstrations by opposition groups, royalists and hypocrites in the centers, but fortunately, friends are trying to hold the elections in a fair way. It should be held in America.

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