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The great lesson of Germany – Spain; The force of experience does not reach youth anymore/ the path that Heshmat Mohajarani took 50 years ago!

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According to Khabarozshi report, since it became clear that Germany and Spain will play the first match of the quarter-final stage of Euro 2024 in Germany, all the experts and football friends referred to this match as an early final. Still, many in predictions and polls consider the winner of this match to be the winner of the cup.

If one of these two teams would win, a historic event would happen in the 17th edition of the European Nations Cup. In the 16 years of this tournament, Germany and Spain each had a record with three championships, and now Spain has the opportunity to be the most proud team of the Green Continent by winning the fourth trophy alone. But if we skip the numbers, records and history, this game had many lessons from a technical point of view and for today's age and generation. Perhaps its most important lesson can be expressed in a summary sentence like this; Victory of youth over experience!

Spain is the only team in this tournament that has won all four matches and the 16-year-old star of this team, Lamine Yamal, is now the most expensive football talent in the world. A teenager whose pictures of him studying in a Spanish camp became the subject of the media and a German law that states that a teenager under the age of 18 should not work after 8 pm was the subject of the whole world! In today's football world, a 20-year-old player has experience of 30-40 national matches. With that wealth of football, Spain brought Luis Delafonte to the senior team after 5 years of leading the youth team, and he brought the same skeleton with him, and see what he is doing with his own children. The same thing that Iranian football did with the arrogance of immigrants in the 1950s.

The pictures below of Luka Modric with the Croatian national team and Toni Kroos with the German national team alongside their Real Madrid teammates wearing La Roja shirts are a big warning to the whole world. That football belongs to the youth and you cannot fight against the fate of time and nature. Even if you are the biggest star and the most famous football player, when you meet young players, you cannot compete with them…

Spain beat Germany and it was clear from the beginning of the game that they would win. As we got closer to the last minutes of the game, Germany's physical strength was weakened and Spain's freshness and vitality became more apparent. This is the rule of football that was reminded again in the Euro.

And now see how long and how far our football wants to fight with nature and football rules! Let a 25-year-old player play in the Premier League and call a 30-year-old player playing in the national team youthism, and of course, pay tens of billions to players over 35 years old!

Source : Khabarvarzeshi

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