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The head of Mossad's trip to Doha with the aim of pursuing the prisoner exchange case

Eviralnews, “David Barna”, the head of Mossad went to Doha alone without the participation of other members of the negotiating team of the Israel regime in order to talk with “Mohammed bin Abdulrahman”, the Prime Minister of Qatar.

Ronen Barr, the head of Shabak (Israel's intelligence and internal security organization) and Nitsan Alon, the regime's representative in the prisoner exchange case, will not accompany Barne on this trip.

The efforts of the commanders of the Israel regime to establish a ceasefire in Gaza

Channel 14 of the Israel regime, quoting an official of the army of this regime, stated: The command of the Israeli army is ready to accept any agreement with Hamas at any price, the only important issue is to stop the war in Gaza.

The end of the meeting of the security cabinet of the Israel regime on the issue of prisoner exchange

Wallanews announced the end of the security cabinet meeting of the Israel regime chaired by Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of this regime, regarding the review of the Palestinian and Israeli prisoner exchange agreement with Hamas.

Channel 12 TV of the Israel regime announced that Netanyahu did not agree to provide details of the proposal received from Hamas to other members present in the meeting.

The Minister of War of the Israel regime expressed hope for strengthening the possibility of an agreement with Hamas

Yoav Gallant, the Minister of War of the Israel regime, announced that the proposal presented by Hamas for the exchange of prisoners is very favorable and it is not possible to reach a better agreement than this in the current situation.

At the same time, some sources close to the Minister of War of the Israel regime claimed that Gallant believes that Netanyahu's acceptance of the ceasefire agreement will not be possible without the strong participation of protesters in the streets of the occupied territories in support of this agreement.

Ben Guer's opposition to the resumption of prisoner exchange negotiations

At the same time, Israel sources announced that Itamar Ben Gower, the Minister of Internal Security of the Israel regime, protested against Netanyahu's decision to send an Israeli negotiating delegation to Doha in order to resume negotiations with Hamas, and stated: Why without our participation? Do you make decisions alone? At the end of this path you will be alone.

Ben Guer's statements were met with the protest of Gila Gamliel, Minister of Information in Netanyahu's cabinet. What did Gamaliel say to Ben Gower? Are you threatening the prime minister?

In response to this claim of the Israeli Minister of Intelligence, Ben Guer said: No, I am not threatening Netanyahu, I am only stating the truth!

The arrival of the head of Mossad in Doha, Qatar

David Barna, the head of Mossad, arrived in Doha, the capital of Qatar, to meet with the Prime Minister of Qatar, Mohammad bin Abdulrahman, and follow up on the prisoner exchange case.

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