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The heavy pressure of crises on the shoulders of the new British Prime Minister

Eviralnews, “Tugs Shaw” wrote in an article: “The pressure on Keir Starmer, the new Prime Minister of England, is very high.” He wants to act quickly. His newly formed cabinet quickly convened and the BBC showed the group that had just met at the meeting. “There's a lot to do – let's get started,” Starmer said.

Angela Rayner, deputy leader of the party, and now deputy prime minister and minister for housing and equal living conditions in different regions of the country, was sitting right next to him. Rachel Reeves, the new finance minister, and David Lammy, the new foreign minister, were also present at the meeting.

After the cabinet meeting, the new prime minister of England appeared to the press and reminded the cabinet members that this government will be judged by what it achieves and not by what it says. He answered many questions from reporters. They wanted to know when the promises would be fulfilled.

On the NHS patient health service, Starmer said the health secretary had already spoken to some clinics that had set up emergency services for patients. These models should be adopted by others.

Starmer also promised growth during his campaign. He said today that this was the most important goal of this government. He also emphasized that he wants to allocate money and decisions aimed at promoting growth from London to other regions.

He added: This is where managers and politicians know better what they need to promote growth.

Starmer will travel to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales at the beginning of next week and wants to talk to mayors of major English cities. The new prime minister was also asked about immigration policy and he said that the government will end the Rwandan model. The government under his predecessor, Rishi Sunak, had tried to deport asylum seekers arriving in England by boat across the English Channel to Rwanda. There it should be checked whether they get asylum or not and then they have to stay there. The British Supreme Court had recently stopped flights to this region.

Starmer said: The Rwandan process was dead and buried before it started. This was never a deterrent. More people are crossing the English Channel than ever before. This is the problem we are facing.”

After just a few hours as Prime Minister of England, Starmer has had a phone call with Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, and Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Union Commission. He also spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and assured him that the Labor government would continue to support Ukraine. Starmer will travel to Washington next Tuesday, where the NATO summit will be held.

SRF Switzerland also wrote in an article: When Rishi Sunak announced a surprise election six weeks ago under heavy rain, many conservatives feared defeat. But today we know that this fear was too optimistic. Not only did the Conservatives lose that night, they suffered their worst defeat in decades. A party that triumphantly won a parliamentary majority five years ago has today been literally punished and destroyed by the British electorate.

In another part of this article, it is stated: Sunak gambled heavily in the new elections and lost. The British have shown that they are tired of the slogans of political endurance. More and more people feel that they live in a country where nothing seems to work anymore. Labour's election slogan 'change' captured the pessimistic mood in the country and gave Kerr Starmer and his party a historic victory. But Starmer doesn't have much time to be happy about this success. After fourteen years, the Conservatives are left in ruins, an empty coffers and a moral vacuum.

“Keir Starmer” needs to show very quickly how he wants to fill both voids. Audience expectations are high and resources are scarce. The new prime minister will also have to deal with an audience whose trust in politics has been shaken in recent years. Starmer's campaign promise for “change” should soon be felt in everyday life. Conservatives are already experiencing what happens when election promises are not kept in an opposition system. Five years ago they triumphantly won a huge majority and today they have lost everything.

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