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The Israels acknowledge Israel's strategic quagmire against Hezbollah

According to the international group of Tasnim News Agency, following the fierce attacks carried out by Hezbollah in the past few days in response to the terrorist crime of the Israel regime in the martyrdom of Hezbollah's military commander Haj Abu Nameh, the Israel media have been increasingly discussing the consequences of the expansion. They express concern about the war in the northern front of occupied Palestine.

Hezbollah has put Israel in a strategic quagmire

The Hebrew media announced in this context: Since the beginning of the war, Hezbollah has achieved an important strategic achievement and has turned the northern settlements of Israel (occupied Palestine) into a military security belt along the border lines.

These media added: This achievement of Hezbollah in itself deals a big blow to the image of Israel, which claims to be powerful, and Hezbollah can use it as a pressure tool in any diplomatic agreement for a ceasefire. Therefore, Israel is caught in a strategic quagmire and the decision to attack Hezbollah depends on very complex and heavy considerations; If these considerations are much simpler on the part of Hezbollah.

A war in the north would be disastrous for Israel

On the other hand, the British Economist magazine stated in a report: In the event of a direct war in the north of Israel (Occupied Palestine), Israel will not be able to give an adequate response to Hezbollah's threat, and therefore should seek to avoid war.

This English media stated: Israel should focus on rebuilding its deterrence instead of adventuring and escalating tensions; Because a major war in the north would be disastrous for Israel, especially at a time when Hezbollah is more armed than ever.

The English newspaper Financial Times also announced: American officials have warned Israel about the limited ability of Washington to protect Israel in the event of a large-scale war with Hezbollah, and described Hezbollah as one of the most armed non-governmental forces in the world.

Israel's deterrence has been completely destroyed by Hezbollah

In a report for the same purpose, the American network MSNBC warned Israel about the catastrophic scenario that awaits Israel in the event of an expansion of the war with Hezbollah, and emphasized: In the event of this war, Israel will face an enemy that is not only the most powerful is a non-governmental organization in the region; Rather, it fights much more effectively and bravely than regular armies in the region.

On the other hand, Channel 12 of the Israel regime, expressing concern about the intensification of Hezbollah's operations, announced: Israelis do not trust the cabinet and the army to manage the war, and their situation is deteriorating at all levels.

Ethan Davidi, the head of the organization known as Mergliot Town Council in the north of Occupied Palestine, for his part, announced in this regard that Israel's deterrence power has been completely destroyed by Hezbollah during the past 9 months.

He added: What is happening in the north today is a war, not a conflict, and 80,000 Israelis have been displaced from their homes in this area. (It should be noted that the Israel and American media have admitted that the number of Israeli refugees from the north has reached 250,000).

This Israel official stated: Israeli authorities do not care about the situation in the north and what is happening here. Meanwhile, Hezbollah has repeatedly announced that its operations against Israel will not stop until the war in Gaza stops.

The only way to convince Nasrallah to stop the operations is a ceasefire in Gaza

The Hebrew newspaper Ha'aretz emphasized in this regard that the only way to convince (Sayed) Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, to stop the operations against Israel, is to establish a ceasefire in Gaza and conclude a prisoner exchange agreement.

Tal Perry, the director of the Alma Research Center of the Israel regime, who specializes in the affairs of the northern front of occupied Palestine, said: Israeli estimates indicate that in any major war, Hezbollah will use most of its firepower in the first days of the war. It will focus on the Haifa region and there is no side in the world that can deal with the volume of missiles and rockets that Hezbollah will fire at Israel (Occupied Palestine).

He added: Hezbollah has the ability to manufacture weapons inside Lebanon, and the process of transferring weapons to this party will continue throughout the war. In such a situation, Hezbollah can continue to launch rockets for a very long time. The amount of weapons that Hezbollah has at its disposal would allow it to launch at least 3,000 rocket attacks per day against Israel in the first 10 days of the war.

The ALMA study center further emphasized in its report: Assuming that such a war lasts for almost two months, Hezbollah can inflict a big blow on Israel's economy by firing at least a thousand missiles and rockets a day. Of course, this volume of rocket launches by Hezbollah does not include the attacks that this party will carry out against the Israeli army forces in Lebanon.

In the continuation of this report, it is stated: There is no party in the world that is able to deal with this volume of Hezbollah's missile and rocket attacks. Maybe not all the rockets and missiles that Hezbollah fires will hit their target, but since the volume of rocket attacks will be so high, they will be quite effective, and what we see in the north today is comparable to what we will see in a full-scale war. , is very insignificant.

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