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The Israels fell short/The Israeli delegation and the head of the CIA are going to Doha

Eviralnews, an American media announced that the ceasefire negotiations will be held in Doha next week with the presence of mediators, the Israel delegation and the head of the CIA.

The American website Axios announced that the director of the CIA will travel to Doha next week to discuss the details of negotiations with Hamas for the exchange of prisoners and an immediate ceasefire with the Prime Minister of Qatar and the Israeli negotiating team that will join the negotiations.

Eviralnews; On the other hand, a Israel official announced that an Israeli delegation will join the ceasefire negotiations in Doha at the same time as the presence of the CIA chief.

The American publication New York Times also reported that the military commanders of the occupying army also believe that even if Hamas remains in power, the exchange of prisoners is the most suitable way for a ceasefire.

The Hebrew website Yediot Aharonot also quoted knowledgeable sources about the results of the negotiations on Friday by the Israel delegation headed by the head of the Mossad in Doha.

The Hebrew website added: The head of Mossad announced to the mediators that Hamas must accept the general principles of the agreement in order to continue the negotiations.

Earlier, the New York Times reported that Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his desire to stop the war in a conversation with some Knesset representatives.

In a related news, the Hebrew channel “Kan” quoting sources revealed that Hamas has added a new condition to the negotiations, which is the withdrawal of the occupying army from the border axis of Philadelphia on the common border between Palestine and Egypt.

Previously, Hossam Badran, a member of the political office of Hamas, confirmed to Al Jazeera Mubasher that the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has submitted its response to the proposed cease-fire and prisoner exchange package through intermediary countries to the Israel regime.


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