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The law that took Neuer's armband / this law will also change the nature of Iranian football!

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According to the report of Khabarozhi, there are not few people who do not know about the new UEFA rule that is being implemented in Euro 2024 in Germany. Those who were surprised to see the German captain's armband on Ilkay Gundogan's arm in the presence of Neuer, those who did not read our previous months' content about the same issue in sports news! When the rumors of the implementation of the new law on a trial basis in the European Nations Cup were heard a few months ago, we wrote about this law many times in the sports news. A rule that only allows the captain of each team to speak to the referee during the match and other players will be warned if they address the referee.

We have written many times that if this law is approved and applied to the whole world, Iranian football will have a different nature and content! We know that right now in our football and in every team, there are players and coaches who only sign contracts with this expertise every year, who know how to parade the brains of the referee and his assistants during 90 minutes! Look at our own football matches, from the first minute and with the referee's first whistle, all the players leave the game and rush towards the referee! In football, a team needs at least 7 players to play each match, and if a team has 5 dismissals, the game will end every minute and with any result with the final whistle of the referee.

This has happened many times in the real world, but if this rule is implemented, it is unlikely that any of our Premier League matches will reach the second half! Because before the 30th or 40th minute, at least 5 players from one team will receive a yellow card and then a red card for protesting the referee! In Euro 2024, due to the implementation of this law, the captain's armband was taken from Manuel Neuer and tied to Gundogan's arm. According to the law, the goalkeeper does not have the right to leave the penalty area to talk to the referee, and at the moment, the teams whose captain is the goalkeeper have to introduce a representative as his substitute to talk to the referee at the beginning of each match.

Count how much blood has not been spilled on the captain's armband in this football, and if this law is implemented, it will happen over the choice of the captain's representative to talk to the world war referee! But the most important thing is that the coaches and players stay at home, whose specialty is to destroy the referee's nerves, when no one has the right to protest the referee, they can no longer sign a contract with a team! We saw that after replacing Gundogan in the match against Spain, the armband went to Yashua Kimmish, and if the game had continued, maybe people who were younger than Manuel Neuer's professional life would have worn the armband, and here the leadership of this legendary goalkeeper is also praiseworthy.

Compare it with our own football, if a player is on the field and the armband is taken from him and given to someone else, what will he do? It will cause apocalypse and the game will not be played! In short, the people of Iranian football should start praying so that this law does not become universal, because in that case they will have to give up football and look for another job. Although it will not be bad for the football of our friends, at least they will not see such scenes like the semifinals of the 2019 Nations Cup where the players leave the game and the ball and attack the referee so that the opponent will open our goal.

Source : Khabarvarzeshi

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