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The Maghribs condemned the “starving” of Gaza residents

According to the report of the Tasnim International News Agency, the citizens of Rabat (the capital) in response to the invitation of the non-governmental organization “Maghreb Front for the Support of Palestine” organized an anti-Israel rally in front of the parliament building of their country, and with photos of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the martyrs of the Gaza war, they demanded Ending the policy of starving the residents of Gaza.

The Gaza Strip has been under siege by the Israel regime for 18 years, and since October 15, the Gaza war has flared up. More than 2.3 million residents of this strip are in a critical situation and are deprived of access to food, drinking water and water. They are deprived and live in extreme hardship.

According to Anatolia news agency, in this gathering, Maghrebi citizens were holding placards that read “End the genocide in Gaza”, “Stop the aggression against Gaza”, “The normalization of relations with Tel Aviv must be stopped”. be”.

With the mediation of the United States, the Maghreb signed an agreement to normalize relations with the Israel regime in December 2020, which faced widespread opposition from the people and political parties of this country, but the government of Rabat has not paid attention to these protests.

In their anti-Israel demonstrations, Maghrebi citizens have always emphasized the need to cancel the agreement to normalize relations with Tel Aviv.

The participants of the anti-Israel rally in Riyadh, holding Palestinian flags, strongly condemned the inability of the international community to end the Gaza war.

In this rally, the citizens of Morocco burned the flag of the Israel regime and chanted “Palestine is a trust, normalization is betrayal”, “The nation wants the freedom of Palestine”, “We trample America and Israel”, “We are the devotees of Palestine… Palestine” is resistant

Meanwhile, the Moroccan National Council for Human Rights announced by publishing a statement: This year, this country has seen more than 11,000 demonstrations, most of which are related to the support of the Palestinian nation.

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