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The military aggression of the American and British coalition in Yemen

Eviralnews, the coalition supporting the Israeli regime targeted the Hajjah province located in the northwest of Yemen several times this Thursday afternoon.

The Yemeni media announced that the American and British coalition in support of the Israeli regime has twice targeted the Bahis area located in the city of Midi.

On January 21, the UN Security Council approved the resolution proposed by the United States and Japan against Yemen regarding the attacks in the Red Sea. This resolution was approved with 11 votes in favor and four abstentions from Russia, China and Algeria.

This resolution became a green light for the United States and England to help the Israeli regime against Yemen's attacks and retaliatory operations and to carry out airstrikes on this Arab country from the sea and nearby bases.

The Yemeni army has repeatedly announced that it will only target Israeli ships or ships bound for the occupied territories with the aim of stopping the Israels' crimes in Gaza, and any country that prevents this will be the target of drone and missile attacks by the Yemeni armed forces. For this reason, dozens of ships and interests belonging to the Israels and their supporters have been targeted during this period.

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