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The new ransom that Netanyahu gave to Ben Gower

Eviralnews, a Hebrew-language media announced that the Prime Minister of Israel has secretly approved the joining of the Minister of Internal Security, Ben Gewer, to the security cabinet.

According to Tasnim, the National Radio and Television Institute of the Israel regime (Kan) reported in a report published on Tuesday, quoting a source close to Itmar Ben Guer, that Netanyahu has secretly agreed to the minister's request to join the security cabinet.

Ben Guerre's relatives revealed that Netanyahu has made his agreement conditional on the fact that this matter will not be covered by the media.

A day before, Ben Guer publicly criticized Netanyahu's opposition to joining the security cabinet and announced that the prime minister makes decisions individually and keeps his partners in the coalition away from making decisions.

He had claimed, we did not come just to shout slogans, but our goal is to influence, therefore we want to be present in the war management institutions that are still going on.

It should be noted that Ben Goyer is the leader of the Jewish Power Party, which has 6 seats in the 120-person Knesset, and is one of the most controversial Israel personalities, who has shown a great influence on Benjamin Netanyahu's decisions.

A month ago, Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisengut, two members of the “Government Bloc” party, announced their withdrawal from the war coalition formed after October 7, which caused Ben Guerr to strongly insist on replacing them in this council and caused Netanyahu should completely cancel the War Council or the War Cabinet.


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