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The number of Session: Skate Sim players has crossed 2 million

creā-ture studio released Session: Skate Sim in September 2022 and now it is known that it has more than 2 million players. Initially, the early access of the game was experienced through the Steam platform in 2019, and it has also been released on the 8th and 9th generation consoles.


Nacon, the publisher of the work, recently shared an infographic highlighting the game's key stats. Other notable details include the most popular maps (including New York, San Francisco, and Philadelphia), the dominant skateboarding position (Regular is better than Goofy), and the number of times stages have been experienced since version 1.0 was released.

The game's Paris expansion will also be released on July 18, 2024, and will add places like Place de la République and Le Trocadéro et son esplanade. In addition, players can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the 777 km long Seine River.

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