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The possibility of an American oil tanker sinking in the Red Sea

According to ISNA's online news report, three security and maritime sources announced the disappearance of the “Lavant” oil tanker in the Red Sea on Wednesday and stated that this oil tanker had previously reported engine failure and water leakage.

Reuters news agency wrote: The Russian transport company “Sofcomflot” recently announced that one of its ships responded to a request for help on June 23 and rescued the ship's crew on the southern coast of Yemen after they were forced to leave the ship by boat.

This source wrote that the Lavant oil tanker probably sank in the Red Sea and it is not known whether it was carrying fuel or not.

American, British and Israel ships are targeted by the Yemeni armed forces along the geography of the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, as well as the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. This action of the Yemeni forces is in the framework of supporting the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip, which is exposed to the genocidal war by the barbaric Israel regime.

During the past weeks, several ships have been sunk in parallel with the acquisition of new weapons by the armed forces, including Shahpad (devastating storm). The Yemeni armed forces emphasize that they only target the ships of the occupiers or ships that violate Yemen's decision based on the prohibition of the passage of ships from the Red Sea to the ports of the Israel regime.


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