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The president of South Korea attends the NATO summit

Eviralnews, South Korean President Yoon Seok-yul said in an interview with Reuters that he will discuss with NATO leaders about North Korea's distinct threat to Europe by deepening the country's military ties with Russia.

Pointing out that it is entirely up to Russia whether it wants to establish future relations with South Korea, he added: “Seoul will discuss arms support to Ukraine based on how a new military treaty between Moscow and Pyongyang is formed. will make a decision.

Yoon stated that the military cooperation between Russia and North Korea is a distinct threat and a dangerous and serious challenge to peace and security in the Korean island network and in Europe.

Meanwhile, relations between Russia and South Korea have been strained since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, while Moscow receives shipments of ballistic missiles and artillery ammunition from North Korea for the war against Ukraine. But both Moscow and Pyongyang deny this.

Meanwhile, Russia considers South Korea to be the most friendly country among unfriendly countries, and Russian President Vladimir Putin says that Seoul is making a big mistake if it decides to supply arms to Ukraine.

But after Putin visited Pyongyang in June and signed a bilateral defense treaty with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, South Korean officials voiced their objections.

Yun warned that North Korea is a threat to the international community. I hope that Russia will decide which side to stand – North or South – in a tangible way, which is important and necessary for the interests of both sides.

He expressed that the future of relations between Seoul and Moscow depends entirely on Russia's actions.

South Korea's president called for stronger security ties with Europe and other US allies to counter North Korea's nuclear and missile threats.

At the same time, Yoon called for increasing South Korea's role in global security, on issues such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the rivalry between China and the United States.

In response to a question about the approval of sending weapons from his country to Ukraine, South Korea's president said: South Korea will look at the level and nature of military cooperation between Russia and North Korea. This action includes arms agreements, transfer of military technology and assistance in strategic equipment.

He pointed out that Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has entered into an illegal military alliance and friendship with North Korea, and it was problematic to think about what it would help Pyongyang in return.

South Korean President added: If Russia continues to violate UN Security Council resolutions, it will have an obvious negative impact on the relations between South Korea and Russia.

In the end, Yule refused to answer a question about possible changes in American policies if Donald Trump comes to power in the November elections, but pointed to the unwavering bipartisan support of the US-South Korea pact over the past 70 years. He noted that this pact remains strong and solid.

While a few days ago, Friends of Donald Trump are assuring Japanese and South Korean officials of Trump's support for efforts made during the Biden era to deepen trilateral ties aimed at confronting China and North Korea, five informed sources said.

These sources added: During the negotiations of the past weeks, Trump's political advisers have sent the message to the officials in Seoul and Tokyo that if Trump is re-elected as the president of the United States, the efforts made during the Biden era to deepen trilateral relations with Washington and the developments It will support military, economic and diplomatic cooperation with the aim of reducing global tensions and confronting China and North Korea.

Yun Suk-yol was the first leader of South Korea to attend the NATO summit in 2022, and he is going to Washington today for his third appearance at the NATO summit. South Korea, along with Australia, Japan and New Zealand, is the fourth partner and friend of NATO member countries to participate in this meeting on July 10 and 11. This year's meeting coincides with the 75th anniversary of this military pact.

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