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The “Prison Break” brothers are back with a new movie

Biography of Imamzadeh Saleh of Tehran and his burial place

Father's name: Ama Musa Kazem (AS)

Burial place: Tehran, Shemiranat city, Tajrish city

Date of establishment of the court: 5th century AH

Commemoration Day: 5 Dhu Qa'dah

Biography of Imamzadeh Saleh

Religious beliefs have played a significant role in the formation of Iranian culture and identity. Respect for Sadat and the descendants of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is one of these beliefs. Therefore, throughout the history of Iran, Imamzadegan have always been the people's attention as mediators of divine grace and infallible imams (AS). The tombs of these nobles have become places of pilgrimage and people resort to them for needs, healing and warding off evil.

Shah Nematullah Wali Biography of Shah Nematullah Vali; Famous mystic and famous poet

Date of birth: 730 to 731 AH

Place of birth: Kuhbanan or Aleppo, Syria

Profession: Iranian poet and mystic

Other names: Shah Nematullah, Shah Nematullah Vali, Rais al-Salsaleh

Works: treatises of Shah Nematullah Wali, description of Lamaat

Died: 832 to 834 AH

Apollo Soyuz Apollo Soyuz mission; Shaking hands in space

The idea of ​​space cooperation between the United States and the Soviet Union was raised in the midst of the space competition of the 1960s. At that time, both superpowers were trying to achieve more space achievements. With the Apollo space program, the United States sought to land humans on the moon, and the Soviet Union followed the Soyuz space program to send astronauts into Earth orbit. Despite the existing competition, both countries came to the conclusion that establishing cooperation in some space fields could be useful for them. The safety of the astronauts was considered one of the main concerns. If there was a problem with the spacecraft of one of the countries in space, it was not possible to save the astronauts by the other country.

Negotiations for the joint Apollo Soyuz mission began in 1970. These negotiations were accompanied by political and technical complications. Engineers of both countries had to agree on spacecraft connection systems and emergency procedures. The success of the Apollo Soyuz mission required close coordination and cooperation between American and Soviet engineering teams and astronauts. The astronauts of both countries had to learn each other's language and get to know each other's spacecraft systems.

Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft

The Apollo Soyuz mission consisted of two completely different spacecraft:

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