The reaction of the extreme right wing of France to the victory of the leftists in the parliamentary elections

The head of France's far-right party called the coalition of left and moderate parties in early parliamentary elections a “scandalous coalition” and said the country had “fallen into the hands of the extreme left.”

According to the political group of the Anna Science and Technology News Agency, Jordan Bardela, the head of the far-right party “National Community” of France, called the coalition of left and moderate parties in the early parliamentary elections a “scandalous coalition” and in response to their lead in the second round of these elections, he said that the country “It fell into the hands of the extreme left.”

On Sunday night, in the gathering of his supporters, Bardella pointed out the increase in seats in the National Assembly and this “very important progress in the history of this party” and stated: Such electoral coalitions brought France into the arms of the extreme left.

He verbally attacked French President Emmanuel Macron and said: After paralyzing our institutions, Macron has now pushed the country towards uncertainty and instability. As a result, he deprived the people of any kind of response to their daily problems.

Bardella emphasized that the national community in the position of opposition will increase its activities against the government.

The preliminary statistics and the results of the polls after Sunday's voting indicate that unlike the first round of the elections, the National Assembly came in third place this time, and the left-wing coalition of the New People's Front won the first place by winning more seats.

Also, the coalition of moderates, which was formed around Macron, is in second place. However, none of the coalitions have been able to obtain an absolute majority in the parliament.

The Elysee Palace said in a statement on Sunday night that Macron is analyzing and reviewing the election results and will wait until a complete picture of the results is obtained, after which he will make the necessary decisions.

The statement added: “The president, as the guarantor of our institutions, respects the choice of the French people.”

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