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The referee of the Germany-Spain game refreshed the hot Italians!

Eviralnews, the judgment of Antonio Taylor, the English referee, in last night's (Friday) match between the Spanish and German national teams in the quarter-final stage of the Euro 2024 competition, was not only accompanied by the protests of the Germans, but also the criticism of the Italian media.

Italians do not have fond memories of Taylor's judgments – especially because of his controversial decision in the 2023 Europa League final between Roma and Sevilla, which did not award a penalty for a clear collision with the hand of a Sevilla player in the team's penalty area – and a repetition of a similar incident to that scene. In last night's game between Germany and Spain (when Jamal Musyala's shot deflected off Mark Kokoria's hand) the heat got the better of them and caused them to attack the English referee.

Taylor's controversial decision was made when the game was tied and Germany had a good chance of winning if a penalty was awarded. However, this did not happen and Spain won with a goal in extra time. In the meantime, some Italian media, including Sky Sports Italy, Rai Sports and Tutomercato, all of them, citing the opinion of the refereeing expert, considered the ball hitting Kokoria's hand to be an Indian error. Maurizio Campagnoni, the reporter of Sky Sports Italy, said: “India's mistake was so clear that they should send all the VAR referees home as a punishment.” Taylor is worst of all and is constantly exposed to mistakes. The only thing that could justify Taylor's decision could be that Volkrog was probably in an offside position or that India committed a foul before that scene because otherwise no other excuse is acceptable. Taylor's missed penalty for Roma last year was shocking enough, but this decision seems to be even worse.

Euro 2024,

Some other Italian media went further in criticizing Taylor's refereeing, calling him deserving of the insults then-Roma manager Jose Mourinho hurled at the English referee after the 2023 Europa League final. Meanwhile, another group of social network users criticized Taylor with humor and described Taylor Swift (American singer) as a better referee for football matches than him.

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