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The return of Paris Saint-Germain to the Kimmish recruitment project

Eviralnews, Yashua Kimish, who has been rumored a lot these days about his professional future, may end his 9-year stay at Bayern Munich this summer, while several big European clubs are closely monitoring his situation. .

Bayern Munich's plan for the upcoming season is to reduce the salary cap for its players, which is why it welcomes the sale of Matthijs de Licht. Another relatively high-paid player at Bayern Munich is Kimmich, who is apparently unwilling to sign a new contract with the club on a lower salary, so the possibility of him being sold this summer, given that he only has one more season with the club The Bundesliga has a contract, it is possible.

“Radio Monte Carlo” of France claimed; The Paris Saint-Germain club, which was interested in Kimmich in the past, plans to try its luck again to recruit this 29-year-old midfielder, and in this regard, it is trying to reach an agreement with the second captain of the German national team. The three clubs Liverpool, Barcelona and Manchester City are also interested in recruiting this German national team player.

Yashua Kimmich, who joined Bayern Munich from Leipzig in 2015, has played in 390 games for the Bavarians, scoring 42 goals and providing 104 assists.

During this time, he has helped Bayern to win 20 different trophies, including eight Bundesliga titles, three German Cup titles and one European Champions League title.

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