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The right-wing faction in the European Parliament is on the verge of formation

Eviralnews, “Tugs Shaw” newspaper wrote in an article: The planned new far-right faction continues its formation and development in the European Parliament. Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders' party has also announced that it will join a coalition led by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

In this way, the right-wing populist PVV party of Dutch Wilders also wants to join the new far-right faction planned in the European Parliament.

Wilders said: “We want to join forces in (the European Parliament) and we will proudly join the “Patriots for Europe” faction. “Strong and independent. We defend ourselves against illegal immigration. We defend peace and freedom and we stand with Ukraine,” the statement read.

After the success of the right-wing parties in the European elections, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and “Herbert Kikel”, the head of Austria's extreme freedom party FPÖ, announced on Sunday the establishment of a new parliamentary faction. The populist and Euro-skeptic opposition party ANO, owned by former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis, also joined the planned “Patriots for Europe” coalition. Spain's far-right parties VOX and Portugal's Chega have also announced they want to join the coalition.

Now, with Wilders' announcement, this new faction will have representatives from six countries. According to European laws, the membership of representatives of at least seven countries is necessary to create a new faction in the European Parliament. There are speculations about the entry of the Italian Lega party and the right-wing French National Assembly party into this faction.

Alice Weidel, leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany party, ruled out joining the faction on Tuesday. He emphasized that there is an exchange, but it is not an option at this time. He talked about a long-term strategic project. “We are friends, we have incredible overlaps in terms of content, but both parties are subject to political and foreign policy and foreign economic constraints that we have to consider now,” he said.

Weidel also said: We have to do our homework first. Austria will hold elections in the fall and the leader of the Austrian Freedom Party FPÖ could become the new chancellor.

In the last legislative term, the far-right Alternative for Germany party was part of the far-right ID in the EU parliament. However, it was abandoned shortly before the European elections in June. ID justified this issue primarily by displeasure with the extreme statements of AfD's top candidate for the European elections, Maximilian Kerr.

The far-right PVV party won the early parliamentary elections in the Netherlands in November. Wilders, the leader of this party, actually wanted to become prime minister himself, but his anti-Islamic and anti-European attitudes made it difficult to form a coalition. He finally announced his resignation from the position of Prime Minister in the middle of March. His PVV agreed to form a coalition with the farmers' party BBB, the liberal VVD and the new anti-corruption party NSC. The PVV has six seats in the European Parliament.

Orbán's Fidesz party does not currently have a faction in the European Parliament. In 2021, the party resigned from the European People's Party (EPP), which remains the largest faction in the European Parliament, over a dispute over democratic backsliding in Hungary.

The FPÖ currently belongs to the far-right Identity and Democracy (ID), to which Le Pen's right-wing National Assembly party also belongs. ANO in the Czech Republic announced last week that it was leaving the liberal group Renew Europe. Other parties from the right-wing camp, such as the far-right Brothers of Italy party of Giorgia Meloni, the Italian Prime Minister, are members of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group in the European Union Parliament.

The Prime Minister of Hungary and the head of the right-wing party of Austria recently announced the plan to form a faction for far-right parties in the European Parliament and asked other right-wing parties to join it.

Orban also said: Our goal is to soon be the strongest right-wing association in European politics. On Monday, Hungary assumed the presidency of the European Union for six months.

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