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The right-wing political house was established in the European Parliament

Eviralnews, quoting Tagus Shaw newspaper, the European rightists, who continue to rise in this union, finally managed to create an independent faction for themselves in the European Parliament and bring together the right-wing parties.

This is a particularly respectable achievement for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. In this way, the politician, who was largely isolated in the EU due to his authoritarian style of government and proximity to the Kremlin, not only managed to give his ruling Fidesz party, which has been factionless since 2021, a political home again, but also It was able to attract Marine Le Pen, the French right-wing populist. He wanted to postpone the implementation of this plan until Monday to wait for the elections in France.

France's right-wing National Assembly party fell short of the expected victory in the second round of the presidential election, but made significant gains and also represented the largest national delegation in the European Union parliament after June's European elections. It is understandable that now Jordan Bardella, the star and leader of this party, is the head of this new parliamentary faction. Kinga Gal, a Hungarian politician from the Fidesz party, will also be his first deputy.

Gall said: We patriotic politicians represent millions of Europeans who want change. They stand against the Brussels establishment “which only wants to maintain its power.

About 10 days ago, Viktor Orban met with Andrej Babis, the former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, in Vienna, and together with Herbert Kikel, a politician of the far-right Freedom Party of Austria, started the initiative to establish this faction. They set clear goals and rules in the “Patriotic Manifesto”.

These goals include the well-known positions of populist and far-right parties, which include defending the sovereignty of countries and dismantling the integrity of the European Union, fighting illegal immigration, and the so-called Green Deal.

It simply means that they want to strive for peace, security and development instead of war, immigration and stagnation. This vague formula also allowed parties to clearly condemn Russia's war in Ukraine, unlike Orban or Kikel, for example.

Jorge Buxade Villalba, head of the right-wing populist group VAX from Spain, also believes that it is now a matter of highlighting the similarities. He said: We are now the third strongest faction and we want to continue growing. According to him, the aim is to confront the new EU Commission – probably under the leadership of Ursula von der Leyen – with the patriotic force. He emphasized: We now have 84 MPs.

In this way, they were able to surpass the other right wing, i.e. European conservatives and reformists, and even after Christians and social democrats, they are the third strongest force in the European Union Parliament. This also means more money. Each faction receives around €100,000 per member per year.

The “Patriots for Europe” faction can also claim some important committees in the parliament and will also be more important in the so-called conference of faction heads where the leaders of the groups meet. Harald Wilimski, from the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), explained: “We now want to take control of power: I think this is good for Europe.” Many say that Europe is moving to the right. I say: Europe is moving towards normalization. “

The extreme Alternative for Germany party will not currently be a member of this new European Parliament faction.

The Social Democrats and the Greens in the European Parliament have called for a firewall against the new far-right “Patriots for Europe”. EU Parliament Vice-President Katrina Barley told the German Editorial Network newspaper that the faction should “stand in isolation”.

He emphasized that the new right wing should not be given the opportunity to participate. “The right firewall should be stable.” He demanded that members of this faction not be given any official positions, comparing it to the ID faction, which included the extreme Alternative for Germany party. He added: There should be an informal agreement that we will not work with them under any circumstances. This will limit the new right's ability to sabotage constructive politics, Barley said.

The leader of the Green Party, Terry Rantke, also said: “This adventurous far-right mass movement should not be allowed to chair the committees, because its only goal is to block Europe, polarize societies, cancel the Green Deal, democracy, the rule of law and freedom.” . He added that true patriots are not friends of Russia. Anyone who loves their country and Europe should promote democracy instead of undermining it.

Rentke warned that right-wing politicians want to block Europe and implement their image of society based on inequality and exclusion. The official of the Green Party said: “Their blockade policy is dangerous, especially in emergency situations where the parliament needs to act and make decisions urgently, such as deciding on aid to Ukraine.”

The new Patriots for Europe faction centered around Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and France's right-wing populist Marine Le Pen was officially established on Monday. The group, which claims 84 members from twelve EU countries, will become the third strongest force in the newly elected European Parliament.

The right-wing coalition in the European Union Parliament, which was proposed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, includes a total of 84 representatives from nationalist to radical right parties from twelve countries. This makes them the third strongest force in the European Parliament after the Christian Democrats (EPP) with 188 seats and the Social Democrats (SPE) with 136 seats.

The right-wing populist-national-conservative “European Conservatives and Reformists” coalition led by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni of the Italian Brothers party is now only in fourth place.

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