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The star of the English national team is about to become a father

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Jack Grealish and Sasha Atwood have announced that they are expecting a baby soon. The couple took to social media to share the exciting news with their millions of fans and received many loving messages.

Posting a picture of himself on Instagram, Sasha wrote: “Half of me and half of you, be blessed,” and Grealish added: “Life's greatest gift.” Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane commented and congratulated them.

Sasha and Jack became friends at school when they were teenagers and have been in a relationship ever since and will soon start their own family with the birth of a child. Sasha has always supported Jack and has been by his side all these years, and he himself turned to modeling at the age of 13 and worked with famous brands.

Grealish was excluded from the England national team for Euro 2024, and this made him very sad and puzzled, and even many of his teammates were surprised by the omission of Grealish's name and asked the coach for an explanation.

With England reaching the semi-finals of the Euros and needing to beat the Dutch in orange to reach the final, Grealish is enjoying himself and traveling and wishing his country well from afar.

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