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This is how empires are formed; Young Spain vs. Dull France/The Boy Who Overcame His Childish Emotions

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Perhaps this is how new empires are built; Through old ruins, with new perspectives and new blood and life.

Spain has taken the hardest possible way to reach Berlin. Italy have conquered Croatia, Germany and now France: their longest winning streak since 2010, their first final since 2012. This team deserves to be remembered forever. The Spanish women just won the world championship and now it is the turn of their men to repeat the good work of the women on Sunday and show their power to the football world.

It was in the semi-final against France that 16-year-old Lamine Yamal became the youngest scorer in the history of this tournament. An achievement not just for his prodigious talent, but for the system that nurtured him, brought him to the semi-finals of such a major tournament and trusted him. Danny Olmo scored the winning goal and showed the determination and character of this team to other teams. A goal behind, Spain were in danger of losing, which intensified their efforts: a cocky team that hates being the second best team in the tournament.

In the end, it was painful to see how depleted Didier Deschamps' team was and knocking on the door. A team built around Kylian Mbappe. To be more precise, France is stuck, lost, smelling old. It was as if the swan song was heard from the team: N'Golo Kante, retired Olivier Giroud, Antoine Griezmann, Adrien Rabiot, maybe even Deschamps himself. The performance of this team cannot be considered scandalous or awful. It is natural that some things come to an end one day. A team full of brilliant talent, but instead of harnessing the energy of the younger ones, they tried to keep things rigid and conservative and give it to Mbappe. Compare the faith invested in Lamin Yamal with the fate of Warren Zaire Emery, the brilliant 18-year-old midfielder whom Deschamps didn't consider worthy of a single minute.

And maybe future generations will forget how France started the game; With an early goal from Randal Kolo Mwani and a yellow card in the 14th minute for the 38-year-old Spanish Jesus Navas, it was truly an ominous incident for 76 minutes of resistance against Mbappe. How did Spain turn the game around? Maybe here mentality has won over tactics, and belief, and faith… Luis Delafuente's team has these qualities in abundance. as well as self-confidence; An orderly system in which everyone is aware of his and his teammates' job and duties.

Without Robin L'Normande in defence? No problem: Nacho simply steps in and makes for a great night. Don't we have a father? No problem: Olmo knows what to do. If there is still any remaining doubt, leave the work to the wingers. Yamal and Niko Williams, with all their speed and accuracy, are not traditional and dry wingers. In fact, both goals came when they went into the middle of the field, causing trouble for the defenders and confusing everyone.

This is how empires are formed;  Young Spain vs. Dull France/The Boy Who Overcame His Childish Emotions

Kolo Mwani opened the scoring with Mbappe's pass, a goal that should not have been scored. Maybe France thought they were done and could handle the situation with aplomb. And that would probably work against most teams, but not against the Spaniard, who welcomes challenges. First Olmo, to Alvaro Morata, back to Yamal, and suddenly the ball went into the top corner of the goal: a spectacular goal at a moment when the fear of failure seemed to overcome him a little, because he is still a child and has childish emotions. Four minutes later, a cross from Navas reached Olmo and he might not have known exactly what to do with it at that moment. The only thing he knew was that he wanted the ball, he shot and the ball hit Jules' feet on the way and entered the goal.

France came to its senses. The first half was over and nothing spectacular happened in the second half as Spain tried to extend the gap and eventually Mike Mainan had to come several meters out from his goal to stop Williams with a tackle, France headed by Dave Opamcano. , Theo Hernandez's right foot and Mbappe's run from the right came close to the goal, but no, no goal. Unai Simon's gate does not open easily. France pushed forward and increased the pressure, but considering the tournament as a whole, they should not complain about being eliminated.

Eventually the old empire fell apart. Another empire is forming, a new world is coming.

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This is how empires are formed;  Young Spain vs. Dull France/The Boy Who Overcame His Childish Emotions

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