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Tony Kroos' last post: Thank you football, a beautiful game!

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According to “Varzeh Se”, although the Germans are sad about the dramatic elimination of their country's national team from Euro 2024 with a defeat against Spain, this is not the only excuse for their sadness. In this match, German football said goodbye to one of its legends: Toni Kroos. ,

German football fans are not the only ones who are saddened by Kroos' retirement, and Real Madrid fans are already missing this great star. Toni Kroos said goodbye to Real Madrid in a grand ceremony before the start of the Euro and said that he will go to the Euro to experience his last football games, hoping to reach the championship with Mannschaft. ,

But Kroos could not make this dream come true and Mikel Moreno's goal in the 119th minute blew away all the hopes of Germany and Toni's fans. ,

Toni Kroos, who has published several goodbye messages with his friends, published a new post on Instagram an hour ago to say goodbye to his fans and family. Kroos posted a picture showing him from behind holding his famous Adidas shoes, which Adidas announced yesterday will henceforth be produced under the Toni Kroos name.


In Toni Kroos' Instagram post, we read: “Well, that's it. But before I rest a bit and at least try to digest what's happened in the last 17 years, I don't want to miss this opportunity to thank you, everyone I They accepted me as I am. Thank you to all my fans around the world for their unconditional support. Thank you to my teammates who always made me feel at home. They were always honest with me. Thank you to my parents who prepared me in the best way possible. Thank you to my brother Felix who was always my number one supporter My children were my biggest motivation and made me the best version of Tony Kroos. There is nothing better than seeing your children proud of their father. I am grateful to my wife Jessica for her existence. This success is not possible without you It wasn't. This is our success. Thank you for the beautiful game… ,

Source : Varzesh3

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