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Tony Kroos's wife's message after saying goodbye; Unfortunately, you couldn't see this moment when you were on the field! + Photo

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After saying goodbye to Real Madrid, Toni Kroos also retired from the German national team in Euro 2024, and now Toni Kroos' wife Jessica has shown an emotional reaction to the end of her career.

“After you said goodbye in Madrid, I couldn't emotionally say anything about your departure,” Jessica wrote in an Instagram post. I'm not in a particularly good position today either, but I won't let you go quietly.”

What Jessica writes about their three children Leon (10), Amelie (7) and Finn (5) is quite touching: “Unfortunately, you couldn't see the pride in your children's eyes in the stands when you were on the field, but believe me, the pride There was a wave in their eyes. me too”.

The text continues: “We talked almost every day for several months about the right time to retire. To stop football, the center of gravity of our lives. There is no right time for this. Only everyone can find and choose the right time for themselves. And you found that, just like all the right decisions you make in your football.”

Jessica wrote about Tony's return to the national team: “When you talked to me about the idea of ​​returning to the national team, I looked at you like you forgot everything. I did not know how and why such an event should happen. You were always to blame for all the losses. In fact, it was always your fault. Why should it be different now?”

Jessica is incredibly proud of her husband: “And yes, today you left the field as a loser, but you fought until the end, and most importantly, you finally got the recognition in Germany that you have been looking for for a long time, and I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart.” I was doing You are now a perfect role model for everyone.”

Shortly after, he posted his second Instagram post, where you can see their three children at the stadium, proudly wearing their father's jersey. Plus some more snapshots from the stadium and moments with the family.

He also writes a touching text under the post, and most importantly, shows how proud he is of his Tony.

Jessica: “And I'm so proud of you that there are no words for it. You are our hero and I thank you for taking me on this journey and letting me be your wife.”

Finally, she ends the text by saying to her husband, “Thank you for everything, Antonio.”

And the fans can only say, “Thank you Tony!”

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Shocking message to the football star;  Unfortunately, you couldn't see this moment when you were on the field!  + Photo

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