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Trump's allusion to Biden; Continue to compete with the same alertness of the debate!

According to an online news report from Isna, “Donald Trump”, the candidate of the Republican Party in the 2024 US presidential election, reacted in a sarcastic message to the published reports that the Democrats asked “Joe Biden” to step down and said that Biden should remain in the competition.

In a message he published on his social network called “Truth Social”, Trump wrote: “Corrupt Joe Biden should ignore his many critics and continue on his way, with courage and strength, and with his powerful and extensive campaign! »

Biden and Trump participated in the first debate of the 2024 presidential election on June 27.

In this 90-minute debate, Biden made many gaffes and appeared confused many times with incomprehensible and half-finished sentences and strange silences.

This poor performance of Biden, along with his frequent gaffes in public, has sounded the alarm for many analysts and Democratic political figures, and many of them have called for Biden to withdraw from the competition.

In a sarcastic message to Biden, Trump wrote: “He needs to be alert, precise and energetic (in the race), just like in a debate, to bring his policies to the people, policies like open borders… destroying social security.” .. unbridled inflation… and new treatment against China.

The representative of the Republicans in this election also accused Biden of promoting policies that will lead to endless wars, neglect of America and the destruction of the value of the dollar.

At the end of this message, referring to his election slogan, which is “Make America Great Again,” he wrote: “Yes, I think sleepy Biden should continue the campaign to destroy America and “Make China Great Again.”

Reacting to the criticism raised against his poor performance in the debate, Biden recently rejected these criticisms in an interview with the “ABC” television network and said that he does not intend to withdraw from the competition.

In this interview, he said that he will quit only if the “Almighty God” comes to earth and tells him: “Joe, get out of the competition.”


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