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Trump's prediction about Biden's decision to compete in the election

According to an online news report, the Republican candidate for the US presidential election said on Monday that Joe Biden, the possible candidate of the Democrats and the US president, refuses to withdraw from the election campaign because of his ego and selfishness.

According to IRNA, in a phone call that was broadcast on Fox News, Trump said to Sean Hannity, the host of this network: He (Biden) has gained a lot of power because he has the representatives. These representatives cannot do anything (for Biden's resignation) unless he himself decides to withdraw from the competition or act according to the 25th amendment.

The report added: The 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution allows the vice president and cabinet members to declare that the president is unable to perform his powers and duties. In this case, this job will be transferred to the vice president as acting president. This is despite the fact that so far there has been no indication of such an approach being advanced by Kamala Harris, the vice president, or the top Democrats of this option.

In this interview, Trump said about Biden: “He has an ego and he doesn't want to resign.”

The interview took place amid the turmoil among Democrats after Biden's disastrous debate against Trump on June 27, fueling calls within the party for him to withdraw from the campaign.

Trump's interview contradicted his previous statements. He recently claimed that he kicked Biden out of the election.

According to IRNA reporter, John Kirby, spokesman and coordinator of strategic communications of the White House National Security Council, announced on Monday local time that world leaders do not need to be sure of Biden's ability to lead on the world stage. Basically no worries.

This spokesman for the US National Security Council denied any concerns from US allies about Biden's mental abilities and said: “I am not aware of such conversations.”

Supporting Biden, the spokesman for the Biden administration said: “What I saw in that debate is not a reflection of the ability of the commander-in-chief, with whom I have spent many hours over the past two years.”

It should be noted that Americans will go to the polls on Tuesday, November 5, 2024 (November 15, 2024) to elect the next president of the United States. The winner of this election will start the four-year presidential term from January 2025.

The 2 main candidates of this American presidential election are facing different problems; Biden is losing popularity among voters due to his old age and obvious physical disability, and on the other hand, the impeachment case against his son Hunter Biden, and Donald Trump is still struggling with the convictions of his previous presidency.


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