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Twenty years later, the classic Splinter Cell is still a masterpiece

It's been years since the classic Splinter Cell titles. Nobody makes games like this anymore.


All gamers would probably agree that the Metal Gear Solid franchise is the father of the stealth genre in the video game industry. Although the legacy of this memorable work is considered unshakable, it is not the only great IP that shaped the stealth genre. Clearly, it's been ten years since we've heard the name Slpinter Cell among the new titles, but even so, it has maintained its place in the hearts of millions of fans who consider some versions to be the best works of the stealth genre. Sure, there's a lot to be said about which title in the franchise has the best features, but you probably won't stand a chance against someone giving the crown to the first installment. The inaugural installment of the Splinter Cell franchise, it's unabashedly still a masterpiece.

Since the game was released 22 years ago, there are undoubtedly elements of it that do not follow contemporary standards, such as outdated graphics or the lack of special features that were included in later installments to improve gameplay and graphic quality.

Naturally, the stealth mechanics formed the foundation of the Splinter Cell franchise. When Sam Fisher first appeared in the gaming world, he quickly became an iconic character in the industry. Even though Michael Eyes Wanside's unique characterization and voice acting quickly set this character apart, it was a lot of fun getting into the character and using all the tools at his disposal. Sam's movements allowed him to do different things; Sam could sneak past enemies when they were looking elsewhere, or hang off ledges and weave his way through heavily guarded buildings. Exploring the game world in the form of Sam Fisher was very exciting.

Choosing the best path to avoid the enemies and get them out of the way formed the principle of movement in the game environment and kept the gameplay interesting. Of course, Splinter Cell had more in store than that. One of the most recognizable features of the game was the idea of ​​using light and shadow in stealth, which won the praise of players and critics.

The combination of light and dark in Splinter Cell not only immortalized the game's visual style, but also formed the basis of its overall gameplay. Stealth experience and the ability to manipulate light allowed players to execute their strategies with unparalleled finesse. Not only was it necessary to be careful not to be in absolute light, but its mechanics were designed in line with the players' wishes. If you were going to pass through an area full of enemies, you should have thought about the lighting of the area.

Splinter Cell's stealth wasn't the only part that appealed to players. This game allowed them to have their own adventure within a certain limit, and the same issue increased its action. Military maneuvers alongside Sam's famous gadgets like Multi-Vision Goggles, non-lethal weapons like smoke grenades and stun guns, silenced weapons and limited ammo all left the player free to go through missions at their own pace and choice. Before the release of the game, Ubisoft mentioned that in addition to Metal Gear Solid, it was inspired by games such as Deus Ex, Thief and System Shock.

Everything was beautifully put together. The ability to apply the desired strategy of the players, adjust the light and shadow and use different weapons, all made Splinter Cell one of the most important video games. Subsequently, it not only spawned a popular and successful franchise with several sequels in the gaming industry, but also elevated the stealth genre. In the 22 years since its release, the legend of Splinter Cell has grown day by day, leading many players to consider it not only one of the most influential works of its time, but also one of the best games of all time. Some claim that Chaos Theory was the pinnacle of the franchise, and others see Blacklist as the ultimate evolution of the popular series, but there is no doubt that the game that founded the franchise wonderfully created the essence of the series and allowed it to continue in its best form.

Of course, over the past ten years, things haven't gone well for Ubisoft's popular and booming franchise. Although Blacklist managed to regain fan attention and acclaim in 2013, its commercial position did not go as well as the publisher had hoped. As a result, the series was abandoned and has been around for a long time. However, in 2021, Ubisoft announced that it plans to create a full-fledged remake of the classic game franchise using Snowdrop, the game engine of the Massive Entertainment studio, and release it in line with today's technologies.

But whether the remake version can reach the fame of the classic version or not, it is not yet clear. Currently, even the release date of the remake is not known, and no news has been released since 2021, when Ubisoft confirmed the start of its production. However, it is clear that the makers will have a hard time making this remake. This remake is not only considered as one of the new entries in the franchise, but it is supposed to bring the popular and classic version to the modern day. If successful, we can say that not only will the series be revived, but the stealth genre will be revived.

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