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UEFA's reaction to the most controversial scene of the Euro/Germany's penalty against Spain?

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Shortly before the start of Euro 2024, Roberto Rosetti, the head of UEFA's referees' committee, showed a video using an example in which he explained in which areas a penalty would not be called.

Among the examples shown, there was an incident similar to the situation of the quarter-final game between the national teams of Spain and Germany, when in the 106th minute of the game, the German midfielder Jamal Musiala's shot hit the hand of the Spanish defender Mark Kokoria, but the referee Anthony Taylor in this part He did not announce a penalty.

Rosetti noted that referees do not award penalties in such situations and pointed to a similar situation in the Champions League match between Manchester City and Leipzig when the ball hit Costello Lucba (Leipzig's defender), but the referee did not award a penalty because The natural position is close to the body and the player tries to avoid contact with the ball.

Last night, Germany withdrew from Euro 2024 after accepting a 2-1 defeat against Spain.

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