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UNRWA: There is no safe place in Gaza

Eviralnews, Philip Lazzarini, the Commissioner General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), announced on Monday that 50% of UNRWA's institutions in Gaza were destroyed and more than 500 of the agency's employees were displaced. who were at their workplace, have been killed.

UNRWA Commissioner General added that about 250,000 Palestinian citizens have left their homes in Khan Yunis for the sixth or seventh time. The director of this international center said that there is no safe place in Gaza.

The UNRWA Commissioner General's report also states that since the start of the war in Gaza, about 2,000 UNRWA employees have been killed in the Gaza Strip. He added: Our institutions in the Gaza Strip were the target of Israeli military attacks since the beginning of the war.

The Commissioner General of UNRWA further pointed to the genocide and killing of the Israel occupation in Gaza and said that we are facing the loss of an entire generation in Gaza and children must be returned to safe educational environments.

“Basically, every day we have 10 children who lose an average of one or two legs,” Lazzarini said at a press conference held earlier at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. He explained that these numbers do not include children who have lost their upper limbs.

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