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Unveiling the new Euro ball: Adidas masterpiece (photo).

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According to “Eviralnews“, Euro 2024 is nearing the end moment by moment. The organizers of this tournament intend to create a memorable final curtain for Germany's Euro 2024, and a special object will play an important role in this final curtain: the ball. ,

After holding 48 matches of the Euro with the famous Adidas ball called FUSSBALLLIEBE, this company introduced a special ball to hold the remaining 3 matches. A ball with which, in addition to the two semi-final matches, the final match will be held in Berlin on June 14. ,

This ball, which is called FUSSBALLLIEBE FINALE, is not different from the previous ball only in the name, but it displays a completely new design with wonderful details. A ball with bold colors, yellow and red, which will evoke the flag of the host country, Germany. ,

But in addition to the colors of the German flag, the main difference in the new Adidas design is the color of the ball's background, which has changed to silver instead of white. Just like the ball that was used in Euro 2004. At that time, the ball faced doubts and the footballers were worried that the silver color could not be as clear as the white color on the grass and could not be seen as well as the white ball. ,


This ball, like the previous Adidas ball that was used in the previous stages of this Euro, is equipped with the necessary technological equipment for semi-automatic offside technology. The sensors used in this ball cause interesting information such as speed, spin and distance traveled by the ball to be determined and reported online to the audience. ,

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