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Wall Street Journal: The city of Rafah has been razed to the ground

Eviralnews, 276 days have passed since the relentless crimes of the Israel regime in the Gaza Strip, and during this period, terrible war crimes by the Prime Minister of the Israel regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, have occurred in this strip, and this full-scale war against the Palestinians has left ruins in different parts of Gaza. .

The reporter of the Wall Street Journal traveled to Rafah, the southernmost city of Gaza, and while visiting the ruins caused by the attacks of the Israel regime, reported: “After weeks of war, Israel has turned the city of Rafah into a wasteland and razed it to the ground. “Also, the nearby neighborhoods are completely deserted and the buildings have turned into piles of rubble.”

Describing the current situation in Gaza, this reporter writes: “Every structure that is still standing has a bullet hole in it, or pieces of it have been destroyed by airstrikes and tank bullets. Also, I saw the tip of the minaret of a mosque that had been blown up and the crescent fish that was left hanging from the garland.”

The Wall Street Journal report continues: “The administrative buildings and roads that formed the Rafah crossing have also been destroyed; The crossing, which is considered as a vital gateway to the Gaza Strip, was besieged even before the Israeli attack on this strip. The guard tower, whose windows were broken due to the explosion, was also empty of guards, and above it, a large sign that survived the explosions, in Arabic, “Welcome to Palestine” is written on it.

Since October 7th, the Israel regime has started a devastating war against Gaza with the support of the United States, which has so far killed and injured more than 125,000 Palestinians, most of whom are children and women, and more than 10,000 people are missing.

Tel Aviv continues the war, ignoring the UN Security Council resolutions to immediately stop it and the orders of the International Court of Justice to take measures to prevent the genocide and improve the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza.

The Israeli army has recently had problems with the prime minister of this regime over the lack of political plans for Gaza after the war, and these disputes have intensified since last month when the army admitted that the Hamas movement “will not be destroyed” by force of arms.


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