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We target places that Tel Aviv doesn't even think about

Eviralnews; “Hashem Safiuddin”, the head of the executive council of Hezbollah in Lebanon, in his speech today and referring to Hezbollah's large-scale operations against the positions of the Israel regime, emphasized: The Israel regime's army is on the verge of a heavy defeat against the stability of the Palestinian nation and the resistance forces that are in The Gaza Strip will remain.

He added: Tel Aviv army will never be able to win any battle and conflict after successive attacks and suffering various blows. Hezbollah's reaction to the martyrdom of Mohammad Nameh started yesterday and continues, and this battle front will remain fiery and powerful.

According to Mehr's report, quoted by Al-Mayadin, Safiuddin clarified: Hezbollah forces are targeting new positions of the Israel enemy in their series of attacks, which they do not even think about.

He stated: These attacks have left many casualties and injuries among the elements of the Israel enemy. This battle front will become stronger and we have learned this lesson from our long battle with the enemy.

In a conversation with Al Jazeera, a source affiliated with the Lebanese resistance announced that at least 250 rockets had been fired at areas in the north of the occupied territories in revenge attacks since yesterday.


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