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Will this woman save the Biden campaign?

Rasul Salimi: There have been calls from within the Democratic Party for Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race after he performed poorly in a debate against Donald Trump, adding to Trump's growing popularity. Biden's controversial performance and mistakes have led to much speculation among his anxious supporters to choose a more suitable candidate for the presidency of the Democratic Party. Democratic figures including Vice President Harris, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Kentucky Governor Andy Bashir have been floated as possible replacements in recent days after Biden's poor performance last week.

“Axios” reported, quoting informed sources, that a large number of senior Democrats in the US Congress have asked US President Joe Biden to withdraw from the US presidential election on Friday this week. Democratic congressional representatives hope that the entire party can “beg” Biden to step down. According to the report of Axios, the major donors of the Democratic Party and the key institutions of this party have expressed great concern about Biden's ability to defeat Trump in the 2024 US presidential election.

But among the proposed options, Kamla Harris is the most prominent name that has been mentioned by the speculations as a possible alternative candidate. Although Kamla Harris is considered a possible challenger for Biden, according to polls after Thursday's debate, where Biden performed poorly. Another poll published by CNN showed that the race between Kamla Harris and Trump resulted in a close contest with 47-45% approval rating between Harris and Trump compared to 43%-49% approval rating between Biden and Trump. What's more, Harris promoted Biden's achievements in the election campaign and will be considered his second administration.

But the thing is, voters don't choose candidates based on their political titles alone. Rather, examining the performance of vice presidents in previous presidential elections may change voters' opinions about who is deserving. Before the 12th Amendment of the Constitution was approved in 1804, each member of the Electoral College cast two simultaneous votes to appoint the President and Vice President. At that time, the candidate with the most votes wins the presidency. And another candidate became the vice president. For example, Aaron Burr became the second vice president after Thomas Jefferson.

In such a situation, if the 59-year-old Harris, a former US senator and California attorney general, replaces Biden, she will become the first woman to become the president of the United States, if she is nominated by the party and wins the November 5 election. He is the first African-American and Asian to serve as vice president. Therefore, if Biden withdraws, Harris will be the frontrunner to replace him at the top of the Democratic candidates.

Harris, a former senator from California, is the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants who ran unsuccessfully for the presidency in 2020.

As vice president, Harris represents the Biden administration, which has relentlessly supported the Gaza war. However, he was one of the first senior government officials to use the word “ceasefire” when calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Harris has said of Palestine: “Given the enormous scale of suffering in Gaza, there should be an immediate ceasefire for at least six weeks.” Harris has publicly emphasized that he is in full alignment with Biden. The vice president has also been an ardent supporter of Israel throughout his political career. In 2017, the first measure he sponsored as a senator was to condemn a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel's illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank.

A persistent problem, however, is that Harris' approval ratings have largely coincided with Biden's deterioration over the course of his presidency. She has a base of support in the party and has stepped up her message as the state's leading abortion rights advocate, but political observers say many in the Democratic Party still have serious doubts about whether she can win. His primary campaign in 2020 fell apart, and he dropped out of the race before any voting.

The issue of Harris's fate is at the center of every discussion about Biden's replacement in America. While Biden campaigners won't automatically connect with him, Harris could tap into $91 million in Democratic campaign funds if Biden gives him full support. One of the most interesting signs of Biden's withdrawal in favor of Kamla Harris is the betting markets, which believe that for all these reasons, his ascension as the Democratic primary candidate is the most likely scenario that Biden's withdrawal is the beginning of such a situation. It is activism.


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