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Yamal's message to Rabio: Speak now

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According to “Eviralnews“, Spain beat France 2-1 and went to the finals of Euro 2024. Lamine Yamal, the 16-year-old midfielder of Spain, had a great shine in this game and was chosen as the best player on the field.

At the end of the game, Yamal expressed his happiness in a special way with his team advancing to the finals. He is shouting towards the camera with a special gesture “Speak, speak!” He shared his happiness, which seems to contain a special message.

But this flower was not just an ordinary flower. Yamal scored this goal while Adrien Rabiot, the French midfielder, said before the game: “If Yamal wants to play in the finals, he has to do a lot more than that.”

These words gave additional motivation to Yamal to shine on the field and show Rabiot that he is wrong. After scoring, Yamal showed his happiness to Rabiot in an obvious way and seemed to give a strong response to his words.

In the 21st minute, Yamal opened France's goal with a spectacular long-range shot and equalized for Spain. In the rest of the game, he troubled the French defense many times with his technical moves and accurate passes.

Spanish defender Pedro Porrero also teased Rabiot in a tweet and wrote: “If he lacked anything, at the age of 16, he scored this goal for you.”

Yamal's performance in this game showed that he has a bright future ahead of him. At a young age, he appears on the field with confidence and courage and has high technique and intelligence. Without a doubt, Yamal will be one of the future stars of world football.

Spain will wait for the winner of the match between Holland and England in the Euro final. They hope that with the leadership of Yamal, they can reach the championship position of this competition.

Source : Varzesh3

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